Good Evening and welcome to "All You Need is Love" a UmixClef page. Right now since I dont have the Update page up then I'll tell you whats new on this page.

Updated on 11/22/02... please check update page for reference.

If anyone is interested in sending fanfiction about Clef, Umi, or UmixClef than I should have a quick, easy, and painless form where you can copy and paste your fanfic into the form and then send it directly to the webpage without going through e-mail. Al though if the fanfic is to long than you will have to send it in parts or 'chapters' which will be great if you do have reasonably sized chapters however if you do not than please make sure that you put some where in the form that it is not many chapters or parts but one complete one. Gahh.. sorry about that. ::laughs:: and that page isnt even up! But for right now you will have to e-mail me them. That includes fanfiction, fanart, and other things you feel should go on this page. Thanks!

If anyone wants to write Bios and or other things and send them in I'll be more than willing to host a number of subjects. Also this page may host a tag board, chat, and a few other extras in the near future. ^.^ Feel free for now to Visit my main site which is a Rayearth RPG at I Want to See Your Smile and Yes we are currently in play however all new members are welcomed. So check it out for now!

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